Squirt Division

as of games played July 12th

Niagara Pro Sports Stingers 7 Wins 1 Loss 14 Points
Ontario Power Rangers 6 Wins 2 Losses 12 Points
Promotions Plus Blue Devils 5 Wins 3 Losses 10 Points
Hoogasian Storm 2 Wins 6 Losses 4 Points
Sheehan & Rosie Gators 0 Wins 8 Losses 0 Points

2016 Squirt-Schedule

Opening Day

Niagara Pro Sports defeated Sheehan & Rosie 7 – 4
For Niagara Pro Sports Erica Gregory led the offense with a Homerun and a Single.
Abby Van Bakel and Audrey Harden both Doubled and Singled.
Natalie Walters Singled twice.

For Sheehan & Rosie Natalie Backus Tripled and Singled.
Maja Moore, Kaitlyn Leigh and Emma Caplan-Walsh Doubled
Kiera Scott Singled twice.

Opening Day

Promotions Plus 12 Hoogasian 4

For Promotions Plus a pair of sisters led the attack Jordyn and Jayme Nesbit and Shenae and Olivia Maclean each had 3 Singles. Alissa Lucciola-Peacock and Lauryn Busseri also had 3 Singles each.

Hoogasian was led by Francesca Reid’s Homerun and Double

June 7th

Niagara Pro Sports edged out Hoogasian 5-4

Niagara Pro Sports was led by Erica Gregory and Sophie Sharpe’s 2 Singles.

Francesca Reid Doubled and Singled and Payton Young Doubled for Hoogasian

June 7th

Ontario Power Rangers 10 Sheehan and Rosie 0

Ontario Power Rangers were led by Kori Zukowsky, Sinisa Golden, Megan Barker and Avery Falardeau’s 2 Singles.

Natalie Backus had 2 Singles for Sheehan & Rosie.

June 9th

Niagara Pro Sports defeated Promotions Plus 6 – 3.

Niagara Pro Sports were led by Sophie Sharpe’s 2 Singles and Erica Gregory Singled twice and scored 2 runs.

Promotions Plus saw Jayme Nesbit Single twice and Jordyn Nesbit, Shenae MacLean and Rachel Herrington each scored a run.

June 9th

Ontario Power Rangers slipped past Hoogasian 6 – 5.

Ontario Power Rangers were led by Kennadie Zukowsky’s Double and Single. Abbey Gooder and Megan Barker both Singled twice. The Power Rangers scored 4 runs in the 3rd inning and held off Hoogasian’s rally in the final inning.

Hoogasian was led by Camryn Cook, Sam McConnell, Francesca Reid, Karys Lipovsky and Maya Oakes. They all Singled twice.

June 14th

Hoogasian 11 Sheehan & Rosie 2

For Hoogasian Sam McConnell had a Homerun and Single. Lauryn Cosby Singled 3 times and Camryn Cook, Payton Young and Maddie Gordon Singled twice.

Sheehan & Rosie answered with Singles from Natalie Backus, Tabitha Hooper, Mercy Nullmeyer and Kiera Scott.

June 16

Ontario Power Rangers slipped by Promotions Plus 6 – 5.

The Power Rangers were led by Kennadie Zukowsky’s Homerun and Single. Sara Domjancic, Ashlyn Gooder, Hailey Beckett all Singled and scored a run in the 5 run 3rd inning.

Jordyn Nesbit, Olivia MacLean, Jonna Martin and Lauryn Busseri all Singled twice for Promotions Plus.

June 21st

Promotions Plus Blue Devils defeated Sheehan & Rosie Gators 14 – 2

The Blue Devils were led by Alissa Lucciola-Peacock’s Double and Single. Olivia MacLean, Rachel Herrington and Makayla Maksinuk all had 3 Singles. Jayme and Jordyn Nesbit Singled Twice.

The Gators replied with Kiera Scott’s 2 Singles and Singles by Campbell Lewis and Kate Moffett.

June 21st

Ontario Power Rangers 8 vs. Niagara Pro Sports Stingers 1.

The Power Rangers were led by Kori Zukowsky’s 3 Singles. Kori’s big sister Kennadie had 2 Singles. Avery Falardeau and Megan Barker also had 2 Singles in the win.

The Stingers got Singles from Sophie Sharpe, Natalie Walters and Rylee Kammiga.

June 23rd

The Niagara Pro Stingers slipped past the Sheehan and Rosie Gators 12 – 3.

Sophie Sharpe led the Stingers with a Double and Single. Trinity Schwenker, Natalie Walters and Abby Van Bakel Singled twice.

The Gators responded with Singles from Kate Moffett, Tabitha Hooper, Mercy Whitman, Natalie Backus and Kaitlyn Leigh.

June 23rd

Promotions Plus edged the Hoogasian Storm 6 – 4.

Lauryn Busseri, Jordyn Nesbit and Aaliyah Atchison Singled Twice to lead the Blue Devils offence.

Hoogasian was led by Sarah Butler’s 2 Singles and Maya Oakes, Isabella Bouvier and Camryn Cook Singled.

June 28th

Ontario Power Rangers Win Again! This time the Power Rangers defeated the Sheehan & Rosie Gators 16 – 1.

The Power Rangers were led by Sisters Kori and Kennadie Zukowsky. Both Singled 3 times. Also chipping in with 3 hits was Faith Cameron. Ashlynn and Abbey Gooder Singled twice.

Sheehan & Rosie were led by Bella Derksen, Grace Child and Maja Moore’s Singles.

June 28th

Niagara Pro Sports edged Hoogasian Storm 8 – 7.

Niagara Pro Sports Stingers received 2 Singles each from Audrey Harden, Natalie Walters, Rylee Kammiga and Madyson John-England.

Sarah Butler Doubled and Singled for the Storm. Lauryn Cosby singled twice. Maya Oakes, and Karys Lipovsky also Singled for Hoogasian.

July 5th

Ontario Power Rangers kept their winning streak alive defeating the Hoogasian Storm 6 – 3.

Kori and Kennadie Zukowsky Singled Twice for the Power Rangers. Faith Cameron and Megan Barker also Singled Twice to lead the offence.

Karys Lipovsky Singled twice to lead the Storm. Isabella Bouvier also had 2 Singles for Hoogasian.

July 5th

Niagara Pro Sports Stingers continued their winning ways by defeating the Promotions Plus Blue Devils 8 – 6.

Erica Gregory led the Stingers with a Homerun and Single. Natalie Walters Doubled and Singled and Trinity Schwenker Singled Twice.

For the Blue Devils Olivia MacLean, Rachel Herrington and Makala Maksinuk Singled.

July 7th

The Promotions Plus Blue Devils upset the undefeated Ontario Power Rangers 7 – 6.

Olivia MacLean had 4 Singles to lead the attack. Jayme Nesbit, Lauryn Busseri, Jonna Martin all Singled Twice for Promotions Plus.

Avery Falardeau and Kori Zukowsky Singled twice for the Power Rangers, who lost for the first time this Summer.

July 7th

The Hoogasian Storm slipped past the Sheehan and Rosie Gators 10 – 1.

Hoogasian was led by Sam McConnell’s Homerun and 2 Singles. Camryn Cook and Isabella Bouvier had 3 Hits each. Brooklyn Morabigo had 2 Singles.

The Gators responded with Singles by Bella Derksen, Grace Child, Mercy Whitman, Keira Scott and Tabitha Hooper.

July 12th

Promotions Plus 7 Sheehan & Rosie 3.

Promotions Plus Sisters Jamye and Jordyn Nesbit had 3 Singles each. Makayla Maksinuk and Aaliyah Atchison also Singled 3 times for the Blue Devils.

The Sheehan and Rosie Gators were led by Emma Caplan-Walsh, Maeve Nullmeyer and Campbell Lewis Singles.

July 12th

Niagara Pro Sports Stingers took over First Place by edging out the Ontario Power Rangers 8 – 7.

Erica Gregory led the Stingers with 2 Triples and 1 Double. Natalie Walters had 3 Singles while Abby Van Bakel chipped in with 2 Singles.

Ontario Power Rangers replied with Kennadie Zukowsky and Sunny Golden’s 3 Singles while Kori Zukowsky had 2 Singles and Hailey Beckett Doubled.